Cellfind (Pty) Ltd ("Cellfind") was formed in September 2003, with the goal of becoming the leader in GSM location based services for Africa. The company purchased a technology license from a UK-based company, MI-International, for a product that had been operating on 6 cellular networks in the UK since June 2003. This product is known as Mapamobile.

Cellfind successfully launched the first GSM passive location based service in Africa and the southern hemisphere on 29 February 2004 with Vodacom. The product is branded Look4me, and allows cellular users to be located via cellphone or the Internet, anywhere in South Africa, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, with no hardware or software upgrades required. MTNWhereRU and MTN2MyAid was launched with MTN in November 2008.

Our Social Investment Initiatives
Cellfind is not just about locating people or goods, and providing entertainment. We have the ability to help people in desperate need by assisting established charities in their selfless endeavours.
These are five of the organisations that we support:

1. Jakaranda Child and Family Care Centre

Louis Botha Child and Family Care Centre.
Jacaranda and Louis Botha Children's Homes are non-profit organizations, caring for traumatized children placed in our care by the children's court.
Reasons for these placements include: sexual molestation, physical and mental abuse or abandon-ment.
These homes provide children with therapy, medical care and, most of all, a loving home where they feel wanted and loved.
They are also places of growth where children are taught to become responsible adults.

2. Berg-en-Dal Pregnancy Crisis Centre

Berg-en-Dal Pregnancy Crisis Centre is a non profit organization caring for unwed mothers to be.
Since 1958 it has provided a safe environ-ment which acts as a shield from the criticism of and rejection by society.
With the therapy and guidance given by social workers, these vulnerable women are equipped to make informed decisions for their futures and that of their unborn children.

3. The Trust

Your helping hand.
The world and our society face a myriad of difficulties caused by human ignorance and neglect - not to mention the many natural threats which beset us. But, just as there are many problems so too are there many solutions. Many people are working tirelessly to solve these problems and, in the process, creating a better world for all who live in it.
The Trust enables you to get involved in addressing the challenges that confront us by streamlining the act of giving. The online interface provides a single, global access point to a range of causes to boost their fund-raising ability by consolidating marketing efforts under one umbrella.

4. Kirsty Watts Foundation Kids helping kids

Kirsty Watts, a beautiful teenage girl, has had huge challenges to overcome. In October 2007 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to endure the terrifying operations and debilitating chemotherapy that goes with it. Yet, somehow she considers herself very lucky because of the immense support she received each step of the way. "I have realised that the support of others can change your perspective on life and inspire hope."
"I have always wanted to help those who are less fortunate. That is my reason for starting the Kirsty Watts Foundation."
The Kirsty Watts foundation will not just hand over cash to the charities that it supports. It also supplies charities with support in the form of goods, services and man power.