This page displays the message calculator where you can calculate the total cost for the number of messages you would like to send
The standard packages are also displayed below and you are welcome to select from those if you would prefer these deals. These incluse
Pre-Paid and Post-Paid packages. We make use of a credit based system for sending Pre-Paid messages. 1 credit will be 1 message, for
South African based text messages.
Cellfind Messaging Portal
Price Calculation (Outbound Messages)
Standard Packages
 DescriptionCost (excl)CreditsSMS Cost (excl)Tariff Type
228Prepaid Standard000.4Pre Paid
39Pre-T 5022.5500.45Pre Paid
40Pre-T 7533.75750.45Pre Paid
41Pre-T 15067.51500.45Pre Paid
42Pre-T 200902000.45Pre Paid
43Pre-T 250112.52500.45Pre Paid
44Pre-T 5002005000.4Pre Paid
45Pre-T 100038010000.38Pre Paid
46Pre-T 250087525000.35Pre Paid
2Pre-T 5000150050000.3Pre Paid
3Pre-T 100003000100000.3Pre Paid
8Pre-T 150004500150000.3Pre Paid
18Pre-T 250007500250000.3Pre Paid
31Pre-T 3500010500350000.3Pre Paid
33Pre-T 5000013500500000.27Pre Paid
34Pre-T 7500020250750000.27Pre Paid
35Pre-T 100000270001000000.27Pre Paid
36Pre-T 125000337501250000.27Pre Paid
37Pre-T 150000375001500000.25Pre Paid
38Pre-T 250000575002500000.23Pre Paid

International Packages
Please note:
Our international package works on a credit system.
The price per credit may fluctuate due to the exchange rate.
DescriptionCost per credit (incl)Price Last UpdatedTariff Type
Int-International0.6424/06/2009 12:00:00 AMPost Paid